In the Game of Life...


The Fit To Play management team is a multicultural group of professionals from a variety of fields all of whom are like minded in providing services to the community and fulfilling our goals and mission.

Mark A.  Rafter, PhD

Founder, CEO and Board Member

Dr. Rafter is the Founder, CEO and President of the Board of Fit To Play. Dr. Rafter has overseen the Fit To Play Team, development, programs, operations and charitable efforts with a focus on education, and “PCW,” Support of Pandas, Children’s Scholarships, Women’s micro-business start-up, Health and Empowerment with over 25 years of success serving as a 501 c 3 non-profit charitable organization reaching over 575,000 children, numerous individuals and organizations. Dr. Rafter has a well-known sports administrator, educator, innovator. Dr. Rafter under Fit To Play designed and staged the Nike Free Soccer Clinics and first soccer curb to curb video for Nike in the Hispanic Community. Dr. Rafter created Fit To Play’s FNM (Friday Night Madness) which was contracted by AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) for over 10 years. Dr. Rafter was appointed Youth Sports Advisor to the Republic of Burundi.

Dr. Rafter holds 2 PhDs and an International Professorship and is currently finishing his 3rd PhD. Dr. Rafter is a former 3 time All American and World Class Athlete. Dr. Rafter serves as the Vice President, Board Member and Ambassador for International Relations & Studies for Teton University (in partnership with Haven University ( and California Graduate College of Theology).

Dr. Rafter has over 30 years with a diversified business career and has served in management of several companies and many boards. Dr. Rafter is known as an educator, youth developer, entrepreneur, author, journalist, storyteller, philosopher, coach, counselor, mentor, motivational speaker, marketing and promotion specialist, and traveler who loves people and loves life.

Dr. Rafter serves as Asia News Editorial Director for on Google News with a 1.2 billion English audience per week. Many call Dr. Mark or “Marco” the Modern Day Marco Polo and a true “Cultural Exchange Bridge.” Dr. Mark has traveled to over 35 countries and all 50 of the United States. Dr. Rafter is the creator of the Marco Polo Panda Brand and Character and committed to utilizing Marco Polo Panda to educate children about Culture leading to Oneness in the world. Dr. Rafter is the Sr. Vice President and Member of the Board for BFD, Inc. and Glow Products a weight loss and healthy lifestyle company.

Dr. Rafter will feature and promote Fit To Play Programs on his radio and streaming tv, The New Marco Polo Show.

Carla Yorke


Board Member

Carla has been a part of Fit To Play for over 15 years serving in multiple capacities and is an educational and grant specialist. Seeing the unmet needs of many high school students, she founded The Ripple Effect in February 2013, a subsidiary of Fit To Play, to assists youth in their educational and career endeavors regardless of their cultural, social and/or economic background.  The Ripple Effect has provided mentoring, book scholarships, and workshops for young people.

Carla has 20 years of working in education and government.  She served as a Director at SCORE! Educational Centers, an after-school program that provided tutoring and mentoring for kindergarten – 10th grade students. Carla never imagined how transformative that experience would be to her life.  At SCORE!, her passion for education was birth and her belief that education is transformative in people’s lives was formed.  Carla learned hands on about serving the community while working in 3 field offices for the Fourth District, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Don Knabe from 2001-2007.  Since 2007, Carla has worked in the CA community college system, where her focus has been on creating pathways from high school to community college.  She has developed after school and summer programs, a CA Promise Program, and currently serves as the Dual Enrollment Manager at Cerritos College, where she coordinates college readiness for high school students who want to take community college classes.

Carla earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Studies, from the University of Southern California (USC), and also holds a Masters of Science in Education from USC.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling to different countries, volunteering, and drinking a good cup of coffee!


John Probandt

Vice President

Board Member

Mr. Probandt has over 30 years of experience involved with and completed a significant  number of transactions on a global basis. John was the youngest Senior Vice President at San Francisco based Dean Witter Reynolds which later became Morgan Stanley and ran Kemper’s investment arm in Chicago. Over the years, Mr. Probandt has been involved from startups to Fortune 100 companies including with IPO’s, Debt financings, Going Private, Mergers & Acquisitions, and other types of fundraising. John established and currently manages a small equity fund. Being an investor, himself gives him an edge over others. John and his team of experienced professionals have invested in high tech, education, sports, bio tech, real estate, energy, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, health care, cross border transactions, and many other sectors. He has built a business bridge spanning America to Asia while amassing a financial track record of significant proportions. Through various funds that he has been a member, he is responsible for the completion of investing over $300 million USD, in privately held enterprises. In addition, he has been responsible for the deployment of well over $2.5 billion USD in publicly traded health sector opportunities.

Mr. Probandt has been an owner, investor and innovator within this health, nutrition, diet and fitness industry for over three decades. At one point, Mr. Probandt owned a chain of gyms called “Imperial Fitness.” Mr. Probandt written and published two books over the last three years. One is Checkmate Investing and the other is a diet and nutrition book, The Baby Food Diet (for adults) which is currently selling well and in its third edition in China. John and Dr. Pakash (the father of probiotics) along with Dr. Ping Wu are writing the next edition of BFD and set to release in China in April followed by a book tour. Mr. Probandt is the Chairman and Founder of BFD, inc and developer of the Team for GLOW Products.

John’s background in business, finance health and other industries along with a significant network of relationships provides Fit To Play with ideal opportunities to fulfill our mission and help empower many to be Fit To Play in the game of life…


Advisory Board

Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi

Chairman of Fit To Play International

Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi is a Persian-American who lived and worked globally for over 35 years before returning to settle in the US in 2018. Dr. Kamalabadi is a world-renowned influential personality especially in China, Middle East, Africa, and the West. Dr. Kamalabadi reads and writes multiple languages including Persian, English, Arabic and Chinese and multiple dialects.

Dr. Kamalabadi, established Future Trends International (Group) Corporation in 1993 engaged in investment and trade consulting, media relations, government lobbying, and so on. Now Future Trends has become truly one of the top international networks in the world. It covers hundreds of media organizations, thousands of local government agencies, numerous private and public entities and prominent personalities.

Future Trends enjoys effective relations with major ministries, agencies, prominent personalities and top leaders. Dr. Kamalabadi, knows members of every Royal Family in the Middle East. Dr. Kamalabadi was instrumental in China-Tajikistan boarder opening; China-Oman trade volume hyper jump from $600mm to $11Bn between 2001 to 2007; Gulf Cooperation Council’s series of Sovereign Wealth Funds’ investments into Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), the first ever in world history and overnight made ICBC one of the world’s largest banks. DR. Kamalabadi has executed iconic financial deals which include US Exim Bank loan to 56 Chinese cities for environment solutions, as well as nearly 100 private and public deals in various sectors world over. Dr. Farzam is a well-known figure in the oil and gas and energy sector and has served in various capacities for business development or as Senior Advisor to a number of national oil systems for Oman, Kuwait, and China. Dr. Farzam has successfully concluded various oil and petrochemical trading deals and projects such as securing oil exploration rights or concessions for specific clients.

Dr. Farzam Kamalabadi, deemed as “The Most Influential Foreign Figure In Modern China’s History,” is a Persian American, educated in Boston and lived in Shanghai China for over a decade, is one of the very few personalities widely acclaimed both by the Chinese media and also recognized by the China government leadership as a leading authority on China.

The Future Trend Network encompasses over 900 Mayors or Deputy Mayors, as well as over 50 Governors or Deputy Governors in over 250 cities in virtually every province of China. Dr. Kamalabadi had visited over 400 cities covering virtually every single province of China. Also, by then he had personally visited some 2000 factories in China manufacturing all types of products; had conducted scores of major public lectures in Chinese, including several keynote addresses to the national leaders of China at the Great Hall of the People and the State Guest House; was published or featured in over 1000 Chinese media (magazines, newspapers, radio, television programs, and internal circulars and periodicals); had first-hand developed the most impressive network DATA of over 10,000 grassroots organizations including government departments, private and public businesses and media. Dr. Kamalabadi was appointed by nearly twenty municipal and regional governments in China and served as “Senior Economic Advisor.”

Dr. Kamalabadi is Chairman & President of Future Trends Holding Corporation, Chairman & Co-Founder of Belgium Renewable Energy Group, Chairman of HNO Green Fuels (Hydrogen Generator), Group CEO for ARIOUS Gold and ARIOUS Bank Romania, CEO of Bond Avenue, CEO of Royal Energy, Group Global CEO Messenger Group, Messenger Bank, Messenger Fintech, EMB Multi Asset Fund, Chairman, Golden Artemis Entertainment Inc. Motion Pictures, Senior Vice President of Bright Oceans Corporation, Chairman of Afri Future Trends Global Limited, Global Chairman of Iconic Professional Management Group Pakistan IPMGP.


Dr. Hayri Daylan PhD

Dr. Daylan hold a doctorate in Exercise Physiology from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Daylan is the owner of Daylan Sports a major sports import and export company headquartered in Ankara Turkey across from the Turkish National Sports Complex with offices in Yorba Linda, California. Daylan Sports has been an official sports equipment supplier for the European Games and to many schools and universities across Turkey.

Dr. Daylan has been a supporter of Fit To Play from its beginning in both cash and  equipment for Fit To Play sports clinics. Dr. Daylan has served with distinction as a former Member of the Board of Directors of Fit To Play for over 10 years.

Dr. Daylan has been a key factor in the design of many of the Fit To Play fitness and sports programs. Dr. Daylan is not only a health and fitness expert and coach but also is a savvy business man and real estate investor. Dr. Daylan serves as the Turkish Track & Field Federation Education & Fitness Director. Dr. Daylan was the head sprint and relay coach and later interim head coach at UTEP (University of Texas El Paso) training a number of world class runners and NCAA, World and Olympic Champions. As top Exercise Physiologist, Dr. Daylan has served with heart and fitness specialist in cardio exam and testing in Irvine, California.  Dr. Daylan later spent time in the telecommunications and tech fields and managed a Tennis and Fitness Center in Southern California.

Robert Ferguson

Business Advisor and Program Developer

Mr. Ferguson has been long standing supporter of Fit To Play since its inception and served as its’ Chairman for 2 years. Rob was an integral part of the creation of “Friday Night Madness” (FNM) and instrumental in securing and the implementation of a 7 year contract with North Irvine AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization). Additionally, he assisted in the establishment of the North Irvine Soccer Club that operated under Fit To Play for several years.

Mr. Ferguson has spent years involved in both civic and youth sports activities. He served as Regional Commissioner for AYSO Region 213 for 7 years, Chairman of the Irvine Sports Committee for 6 years, a commissioner of the Bond Oversight Committee for two years and as chairman of the Open Space Trails, and Equestrian Commission for over 4 years, both appointments by the city council of San Juan Capistrano, CA.  This is in addition to the some 20 years coaching at both the youth and high school levels.

Mr. Ferguson has served as an executive officer in several business ventures over his business career primarily focused in the real estate and finance business. Mr. Ferguson maintains a 20 year consulting practice, owns a real estate brokerage, serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Advantego Corporation and has recently engaged in the development of Class A climate controlled self-storage facilities throughout the United States.



Jeff Scott

Director of Soccer & Soccer Education

Jeff Scott has coached club and high school soccer in Southern California for over 35 years. Spending 13 years at Mt. Carmel High School and Francis Parker School he won five league championships and two CIF section titles. He has been a leader in coaching education for since the early 1990’s and has worked in the Cal South Olympic Development Program. He has served  as an administrator and referee as well. He did both radio and webcast play-by-play for the A-League pro team, the San Diego Flash. Jeff has hosted camps and clinics for four decades, and more recently served as the Director of Coaching for AYSO’s Matrix competitive club program, overseeing all teams across 13 regions. Jeff’s teams have competed across the nation and internationally. Jeff is a well-known developer of youth talent and in particular with empowerment of women. Several of Jeff’s players have ascended to US National and World Cup levels. Jeff was educated at Palomar College earning an AA and received his BA from PLNC. Jeff has been a host of his own soccer show and been a guest host of Dr. Mark’s Soccer Spotlight Radio Show. Jeff has a background in field & turf development and fabrication as well as design and development of sports complexes and sports programs. Jeff is well versed in the use of technologies in the area of sports education and is the co-creator of the Fit To Play Pre-School Education Soccer Curriculum being developed to assist pre-school and grade school teachers who have never played the game or kicked a ball how to teach their kids the game. Also, Jeff has been a co-creator of many of our School Fundraising Programs.


Mark Maes     

Mark Maes is the founder and CEO of Maes and Associates, a business consulting firm. Mark is passionate to share his 35+ years of extraordinary business experience with the world. His goal is to improve the quality of lives and businesses with people and leaders across the country. Mark is also the creator of his copyrighted trademarked High Five Priority Business Mapping System. As a high-performance business coach, Mark works closely alongside CEOs, Executives, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Teams. In this capacity he teaches businesses the art and science of identifying “What perfect looks like” in their organization and uses the H5 framework to turn their vision into achievable goals and objectives and creates measurable action steps with results-based accountability with bottom line sales and revenue.

Before launching Maes and Associates in 2009, Mark was the CEO/Founder of M&M Interiors for over 30 years. His leadership and commitment to excellence propelled the Riverside based company to occupy the position of the fourth largest non-union C-9 contractor in California dealing in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales volume and management. Mark’s portfolio of accomplishments includes Degrees in Marketing, Advertising and Business, Construction Law and Management. Mark was a member of T.E.C. – a CEO Fortune 500- distinguished group of business owners for 7 years. Mark is currently working with the US Veterans Administration helping veterans from incubation to operations of their small businesses.

Mark will assist Fit To Play with our business education and women’s micro business start-ups and our Native American Tribal Empowerment Programs.


Steve Shen

China Director

English Language Interpreter

Steve has over 25 years of hand-on management experience with an educational background from Shanghai Foreign Language School, Beijing Foreign Trade Institute and served as an English Language Interpreter and English Language Teacher. Steve received his MBA from Seton Hall University. An entrepreneur at heart, Steve has been involved in the incubation and start to operational management of several businesses in both US and China. Steve has been a liaison between China Governmental Agencies and US Companies and is a seasoned diplomat serving on the Investment Advisory Committee for the City of Irvine, California and was a Co-Founder, Vice President and Secretary General of the American-Chinese CEO Society (ACCS). Steve has a professional background as Director and General Manager of Minmetals USA in Fort Lee, New Jersey and as Executive Vice President of Nonferrous Metals USA in New York, New York and then Vice President of Aaron Ferer and Sons Co. in Omaha, Nebraska before starting his own company Calmetalloys, Inc. in Irvine, California. Steve is very good working with people and negotiating major contracts including joint ventures with Chinese Governmental Agencies. He has the leadership capability to help the organization to in any our Pre-School Soccer Education Program and work with chambers of commerce in China which manage over 54 million SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises). Steve enjoys a network of large social media and marketing platforms both in China and with overseas Chinese here in the US and around the world.


Business Advisory Board Member

Strategic Educational Partner

Michael Meyer Esq.

Owner of Mike Meyer Law. Michael possesses a unique blend of education, skills, business and life experiences. Michael grew up in the West Los Angeles culture of film and the arts. Mike’s father was  general counsel for MCA/Universal for decades. Michael worked both as a personal manager and entertainment lawyer to dozens of famous stars before becoming a writer, producer, director, financier and distributor of entertainment content. Michael has been augmenting film and real estate development budgets with unique approaches to risk retention groups, variable life trusts, charitable foundations, private financing companies and planning estate and trusts for some of the same stars. Mike’s background and hands on experience will assist Fit To Play in helping our donors and supports.

Michael has degrees in law (USC Law, JD), tax (Taft Law, LLM) and business (Drucker School of Business) after traditional education (Amherst College, Phillips Academy, Andover) and several theological degrees. Michael’s model in philosophy and theology have delivered assistance that has become a cultural bridge to many.

Philosophy:  I believe that we have the opportunity to foster and finance the development of community, so that we can sow into growth by productive relationships, and that we should bring everything of Spirit, soul, mind and body to that end.

Mike developed a method with unique methodologies towards “as will be” design financing to capture that value for debt, equity, leverage and tax purposes. Mike has worked in real estate development, with an emphasis on finance, insurance-linked leverage, digital strategies and other innovative structures that cross a wide variety of areas from acquisition, real estate development, finance, product development to creating free trade zones and media arts and themed development. Mike developed an 823-home A-Map and a 274,000 almond tree orchard before focusing on his current projects:  a downtown Los Angeles 5-star hotel project, hospitality projects in Mammoth, California, Eastern Arizona and currently planning establishment of free trade zones and a media arts center in joint venture with the Navajo Tribes and City of Gallup, New Mexico. Mike built a bridge with the Native Tribes and is currently is president of Teton Solutions working with partnership and representation with over 19 Native American Tribes including licenses for Teton Savings and Teton University. It is under the Teton University partnership with and the California Graduate School that Fit To Play will introduce educational certificate training courses some of which will be offered with college credit.

Medical Advisory Board


Dr. Jack David Kennis MD. Inc.

Dr. Kennis has been a donor and full supporter of Fit To Play since its inception and served as a Board Member for 7 years. Dr. Kennis is Board Certified in internal medicine and an Emergency Medical Specialist. He served as Director of Downey Community Hospital ER Group for over 30 years. He is an expert in trauma and sports injuries. Served as Team Physician for NHL, Anaheim Ducks Professional Hockey Team. Dr. Kennis is a savvy investor in business and real estate. Dr. Jack’s health education experience is always valuable for many Fit To Play programs.


Dr. Iman Barr

Medical Doctor…Scientist & Head of R&D and Medial Advisory Board Member with valuable International Experience in pediatric care and women’s health.

Dr. Bar has been a licensed GP physician since 1986. Her first Residency in Cairo Egypt. Then her postdoctoral training in France and Spain and in 1990 she moved the USA to attend her fellowship at Emory University, Georgia. She opened a community clinic in Costa Mesa 2001 and has treated thousands of patients and done extensive research in nutritional therapy. Famous for being called The House Call Doctor who understands personal care for each patient.


Graduated with Honors GP physician 1986
Fellowship at Emory University 1990
Medical Director for Pediatric and women’s health clinic in Costa Mesa, California since 2001
Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics 2002
Attending Physician at Hoag Hospital since 2003
Awarded Honorary Recognition by Dr. Parry, Director of Community Medicine at Hoag Hospital 2005
Awarded Honorary Recognition by Newport Beach Mayor
Opened second practice in Newport Beach in 2005
Started first Concierge practice in Orange County for children and young adults 2003
Honored by the American Academy of Pediatrics ”Champion for Kids” award 2007
“Top Doctors” award from the American Medical Association 2009
Member of the American Academy for Holistic Medicine 2010
Specialized in Homeopathy and Herbal medicine 2012
Board Certified by the American Association of Integrative Medicine 2012
Served on City council committees in Costa mesa 2012-2020
Served several boards  including Corona del Mar chamber of Commerce & Leadership Tomorrow
Appearances as  a health consultant-ABC and NBC Local and National TV 2016-2020


Dr. Sean Clark, Chiropractor

Dr. Sean Graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences with a Doctorate in Chiropractic at 27 years of age and immediately after graduation began private practice and developed into Premier Health Chiropractic, Fitness, and Wellness and Newport Crest Surgical/ Medical Center. Dr. Clark’s Center has served as a base for development of Fit To Play Programs and Wellness Programs. Dr. Clark has been involved in nutritional therapy, weight loss and rehabilitation while integrating other specialties like spin and CrossFit training for both patients and elite athletes. Having owned both gym and medical facility, practiced as doctor and personal trainer/ life coach for over 15 years, Dr. Sean has a unique blend of experience and talents and plans to use his knowledge helping to blend these modalities in both product research and health and wellness delivery to all so as to Fit To Play in the game of life…


Digital and Technology Team

Radiant Technologies