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What is Speed Ball?

Speed Ball © copyright 1978 is a dynamic fast-paced, high scoring short sided 4 v 4 version of Speed Soccer.One does not have to be a soccer player or have specific soccer training to participate in a Speed Ball Fund Raising Event Anyone can learn to play Speed Ball All it takes is a field, kids and a ball.
Just watch from the website and learn to play and the Speed Ball  rules

What does a Speed Ball Fund Raiser Tournament and Event look like?

Events held at all grade schools district wide twice a year…Once in the Fall and once in the Spring
Participation for all kids Grade School – 6 divisions Boys & Girls – K, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade Middle and High Schools playing in teams    of 4 v 4
Every team plays 3 games. Teams advance on points from pool play to quarter-final, semi final single elimination
A Champions Tournament – each school champion teams represented to be held at a high school or park on a weekend


The Speed Ball configuration is so unique…the design; rules and event provide optimum usage of the fields, moving a maximum number of participants in a short space and a short time with a high degree of action.
Fields are 25 x 30 with small goals on each end and no goalies. The basic field layout allows 10 to 40 short-sided fields roughly the size of one full soccer field, and can move 100 to 400 players through games every 15 minutes. The clock runs continuously with no throw-ins. The rules are designed to provide a forum for lots of touches, lots of movement, high scores and a lot of fun.


Speed Ball School Fund Raising Soccer Tournaments and Events Goals

Semi-Annual fund raising tournaments that are cost effective and self-sustaining

Partnership with schools

Serves kid

Raise Monies for schools

Create a positive experience for kids, families and teachers

Benefit’s for Kids and Schools

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd , places at tournament


More kids exposed and involved in positive sports activities in a fun family atmosphere

Self-sustaining Semi-Annual promotional event that generates positive fund raising revenue for your school