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Change Your Stars

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What is Change Your Stars?

Change Your Stars features stories of students who have changed their lives through the educational processes at the Ivy League Royal Academy. The Ivy League Royal Academy is a school with a proven accelerated educational program that has graduated children from high school as early as at 12 years old.

Mission: To Provide a platform for empowerment of students regardless of culture, gender, health or socio-economic status

Purpose: To operate and act exclusively for educational, charitable and vocational purposes. 

Goal: The goal is to show how students changed themselves or have been changed their future for the better in the process of education .

Program: Students learning levels are accelerated.

Students go beyond learning how to take tests. They actually learn and retain knowledge and the proper use thereof:

  1. Preparing for and achieving in College
  2. Developing, participating, and producing several theatre, film and TV programs under the Next Generation Production.


All educational elements are monitored by seasoned professional scientists (bios available upon requests) in the fields of education, neurology and psychology and will be a part of an on-going group of studies.


Change Your Stars features different groups of students:

  1. Students without any learning or mental disabilities

Some of these students are immigrants with language challenges

Some are immigrants with Cultural Challenges who have struggled in public school education

  1. Students from socio-economic challenged backgrounds
  2. Students with learning disabilities: dyslexia, …
  3. Students with mental disabilities: autism, ADD/ADHD …

Historical Background from Co-Founder Alla Matusov

Going back to when I begin to formulate my idea for Ivy League Royal Academy Accelerated Learning Systems.

I went to a really strict high school. The last 2 years of it I was bored and it was just a waste of time. I graduated from high school at 16. Than at age 24, I met a family with both parents were teachers. All seven of their children graduated from the high school at between age 11 and 13. The father introduced me to the Maria Montessori educational method. I was fascinated that he had 20 children with mental disabilities pass the entrance school test on the level of normal children. But what he said changed my entire life. He said, ‘” What shall we do with our normal children that by age 7 look like they are mentally disabled“?

That really launched the beginning. I made a decision that my child would graduate much earlier but I didn’t even have a clue how it can be done. I experienced with my son and friends children problems in the public school educational format. It just wasn’t working for many. As a result, I developed Ivy League Royal Academy’s accelerated educational learning method and a Mentor-Protégé educational method to help my son, and others. Alla’s son entered UCLA and he graduated from UCLA Law School at 20 and now serves as counsel for Amazon Entertainment. Soon with his and other students success, additional parents were coming to bring their children to experience the “accelerated super learning” Mentor Protégé method and recently an 11 year old graduated from high school and was placed at UCLA and his the host of Dancing with the Stars Jr. See other student success stories in “The Stars” Section. The results show our children are incredible and they can achieve much more than we can even imagine. 


The Public education system may need to adapt to the challenges of technology development today and we have methods that do that. What they do is good. What we do is better.